Stem Cells as a Form of Anti-Aging Therapy

Stem Cells as a Form of Anti-Aging Therapy

Stem cells are unique in that they are basically a ‘base’ cell. On their own, they have limited function. However, they can adopt a number of roles, which makes them medically useful for a large number of different tasks.

One of the things that stem cells are proving useful for is fighting age. As an anti-aging therapy, stem cells work as the basic components that build up our skin, muscle, and tissues. By replacing and repairing old or malfunctioning cells, stem cells can rejuvenate and improve function in our body.

This article explores the use of stem cells for fighting age.

Stem Cells for fighting Aging

There are lots of different things that contribute to aging. Issues like stress, contaminants in the food and air, lifestyle choices, illness, and injuries can all accelerate aging. Understanding the different processes that affect aging helps you understand how stem cells can be useful for managing aging.

Stem Cells as a Form of Anti-Aging Therapy

Stem cells – especially mesenchymal stem cells – are a natural part of the body’s repair system. When stem cells are injected into the body they adopt the role of other cells. This allows them to help repair and restore damaged tissue, dying cells, or other degenerating components in the body.

Mesenchymal stem cells are very important for treating aging because they’re young and powerful. Once stem cells are tested and proved to be safe, they can be injected into the body to help fight aging.

Stem Cells for Fighting Inflammation

One of the most important ways that stem cells fight aging is by reducing aging. One of the ways that they do this is by promoting the activity of macrophages, a certain type of white blood cell. The job of macrophages is to remove toxic substances and dead cells from the blood.

Both of these things can create inflammation, so eliminating the inflammatory agents helps to reduce this condition. Reduced inflammation can improve overall health and appearance.

There are two types of macrophages, M1 and M2. M1 macrophages actually create inflammation to alert the immune system of a problem such as an infection. M2 macrophages help to reduce inflammation and fight aging. Stem cells help to convert M1 macrophages into M2 macrophages.

Stem Cells Improve Mitochondrial Health

The mitochondria are the cellular component that produces energy for the cell. In other words, mitochondria power our body from the ground-up. Each one of our cells contains mitochondria, and if mitochondria fail then our cell won’t be able to produce energy and will soon die.

Mesenchymal stem cells are known to communicate with the mitochondria throughout our body. They are then capable of transferring their own mitochondria to the damaged cells so that they can begin producing energy again.

Aging is a complex process mediated by a number of different factors. Two of the main factors are inflammation and mitochondrial degeneration. Stem cell therapy is able to help fight aging by reducing inflammation and helping to improve the health of mitochondria in the body.

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