Stem Cells Anti-Aging Therapy

Stem Cells Anti-Aging Therapy

The human body is made up of millions of cells that can renew themselves. With age, the cells lose the ability to regenerate which changes many things about your body, including your appearance. Aging is a complex and highly diverse process.

The skin becomes thinner and loses its elasticity which results in lines and wrinkles. The bones weaken and become thinner. The ability to maintain and grow muscle diminishes. The brain cells die, making you lose focus and memory. The immune system is no more as good and leaves you more vulnerable to disease and damage.

While the exact cause of aging is not completely known, more exposure to harmful molecules, such as glucose, nicotine and pollutants, causes more damage and faster aging.

How can stem cell therapy improve the signs of aging?

Stem cell therapy can delay, even repair the signs of aging.

Stem cells can stimulate the immune system, reduce inflammation and repair damaged tissue.

Anti-aging experts at the Advanced Stem Cell Institute, take your own stem cells from your adipose tissue or bone marrow, and inject them back into areas that are showing signs of aging, such as your face and hands.

Activated stem cells can also repair damage and improve the function of organs, such as the; skin, brain, heart, liver, joints and kidney.

Unlike other treatments, stem cell therapy doesn’t just mask the symptoms, but heals the underlying cellular causes of aging.

To learn more about best anti-aging therapy, call the leading anti-aging doctors in Beverly Hills and Encino, CA, Advanced Stem Cell Institute at 760-878-7136 today!

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