Stem Cell Therapy for Diseases

Stem Cell Therapy for Diseases

The study of regenerative medicine and stem cells holds enormous promise for the future of medical treatment and has scientists from every discipline pushing revolutionary research forward. Every cell in the human body has a role, a specific purpose, but our bodies also contain stem cells for restoration and healing, which are a collection of cells that do not yet have a specific role or function.

They are undifferentiated cells but become specialized when the body needs them after injury or to fight disease. Stem cells have been found in brain tissue, skeletal muscles, fat tissue, bone marrow, the liver, and the largest organ in the body, the skin!




Degenerative neurological disorders like Parkinson’s Disease, Muscular Sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer’s, and Huntington’s Disease are of the highest order for researchers discovering the future of stem cell therapy. Every year research is progressing in order to treat and hopefully reduce the potential of these horrible diseases.

Stem Cell Therapy for Diseases

Stem cell therapy Los Angeles sees a future where stem cells will be used to replace and repair damaged brain tissue and neurons, as well as significantly combating inflammation of brain tissue which will reduce the effects of these neurological disorders with the ultimate goal of remission.




Chronic pain is a debilitating disorder that often occurs after major injuries and can be classified as pain that persists for 3 months or more, oftentimes persisting for years. Experiencing pain is a universal symptom of small and large injury alike, but when the pain continues for months and years after the initial injury, it is classified as Chronic Pain. Pain is very complex in nature and requires a careful approach when considering options for treatment. It is important for the patient to understand that more often than not the goal is to reduce pain, rather than eliminate it.

Stem cell therapy Los Angeles at the Advanced Stem Cell Institute wants to address the root of the pain rather than chase symptoms that are a result of an underlying injury. Stem cell therapy is used to initiate and boost the body’s natural regenerative and healing processes. The stem cells help jumpstart the damaged tissues and cells of an affected area to begin rebuilding and repairing, as well as significantly reducing inflammation. Inflammation is a major cause of musculoskeletal pain and the majority of most diseases. By utilizing stem cell therapy in Los Angeles, patients can begin to truly heal and find relief from their pain.




Although stem cell research has come a long way in the past two decades, scientists and researchers still have a long way to go. Regenerative specialists understand that stem cells are undifferentiated and can become specialized, but the main goal now is to figure out how to turn on the specific genes within these cells manually, so doctors can actually control what type of cell the stem cells differentiate into. This would open the door for many new drugs and treatments to become available for many different diseases including cardiovascular damage or disease. Once scientists and doctors at the stem cell clinic Los Angeles can actually direct stem cells to differentiate into heart cells, they can be directly injected into the patient’s damaged heart tissue so the new cells can begin growing, multiplying, and repairing the damaged heart tissues.


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