It turns out that everyone wants to stay young, healthy, and agile for as long as possible. Quite a good number of people on their sixtieth birthday would love compliments like; 60 is the new 40! Stem cells are the rave of the moment in modern medicine. The use of stem cell therapy and scientific studies in their regard has thrown open a wide door to new possibilities. Stem cells are currently being explored in the treatment of a long list of medical conditions. The symptoms of aging point to the decreasing ability of the cells in the human body to regenerate and repair themselves. Could stem cells be the most effective way to fight age?

How does stem cell work at a cellular level?

There are so many interesting facts about stem cells and scientists are quite sure that they haven’t uncovered all there is to know about them. The first and most important fact about stem cells is that they are found naturally in the human body. They are neutral primitive cells that can differentiate into any other cell type in the body. They are of different types and can be easily extracted from the muscles, embryos, tissues, organs, bone marrow, and fat.

At a cellular level, stem cells serve as the body’s raw materials for new cells or tissues. They can divide into multiple daughter cells as required and when activated, they can transform into specific cells needed in the body. In the bone marrow, gastrointestinal tract, and some other areas in the body, stem cells continue to divide to form multiple new cells that repair and regenerate damaged tissues. The exact process involved in stem cell differentiation is complex and the molecular events are not yet fully understood. However, this process is regulated to prevent the abnormal growth of cells that are not needed in the body.

Anti-aging benefits of mesenchymal stem cells

There are different types of stem cells which include; embryonic, fetal, and adult stem cells. These different types of stem cells are currently being explored in different areas of medicine to develop new therapies. Mesenchymal stem cells are a type of adult stem cells that can be found in adipose tissue, liver, dental pulp, bone marrow, blood, skin, and even umbilical cord tissue. They have been found to possess anti-inflammatory, signaling, self-renewing, and differentiating abilities. They can also influence the response of the body’s immune system. Several studies report that mesenchymal stem cells can be used safely in the treatment of various diseases.

The studies on stem cells have revealed that aging can indeed be slowed down using stem cells. With age, the human stem cells are weakened. Healthy cells die off and the remaining cells do not remain as strong as before. Mesenchymal stem cells can improve the functions of white blood cells by creating new ones to reduce infections and inflammation. They can help the body to regenerate cellular tissues located in the skin, joints, bones, and organs. They can strengthen existing cells and reverse some of the processes involved in aging.

Stem cell transplant for aging

Aging is characterized by symptoms like impaired hearing, reduced vision, loss of energy, joint problems, decreased immune system function, hair loss, decreased balance, reduced muscle strength, and many other symptoms that affect the quality of life in the aged. Research has proven that aging weakens human cells and makes the body vulnerable to disease.

The number of stem cells in the body also reduces with age. This reduces the body’s natural ability to regenerate damaged tissues. Stem cell transplant simply supplies the body with new stem cells that help to carry out the natural healing process, reduce inflammation, strengthen the immune system and slow down the aging process. Patients can access anti-aging stem cell therapy in Beverly Hills.

Live stem cells can be harvested from a donor using standard, safe, and minimally invasive technology. The cells are usually tested extensively and administered intravenously over some hours by highly-trained specialists. Some of the expected results of stem cell therapy for aging include; renewed energy, increased libido, reduced infections, thickened hair, and an overall improvement in the quality of life.

Can advanced stem cell therapy be used for aging?

The body continually undergoes stressful conditions that wear out its cells. Advanced stem cell therapy can slow the process of aging and improve the quality of life significantly in aging people. Aging is a natural and inevitable process but with stem cells, this process can be slowed down.

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