The ASCI Annual $1500 Scholarship Award
Eligible Students Can Apply Now. Due 12/31/2022

The Advanced Stem Cell Institute Annual $1,500 Scholarship Award Opportunity

Advanced Stem Cell Institute is proud to present our 2022 ASCI Scholarship opportunity!

The work we do at Advanced Stem Cell Institute is dedicated to providing patients in our community access to innovative stem cell therapy and delivering the most comprehensive and advanced care possible. This scholarship is designed to give back to a different kind of community: the community of students and learners who will one day become the future leaders of the medical field.

The ASCI scholarship is an essay contest designed to call upon bright, emerging students to share their thoughts, hopes, and ideas for the future of stem cell research. This scholarship award will provide one extraordinary student with a scholarship award of $1,500 to put towards their goal of pursuing higher education. 

Whether students are well on their way to completing their college degrees or are just about to embark on their first year, we want to help make that path a little easier. Students of all years who meet our qualifications and are interested in the study of stem cells and regenerative medicine are welcome to apply for our 2022 ASCI Scholarship!

ASCI Scholarship Objectives

Stem cell research is the cornerstone of non-surgical, drug-free pain management and regenerative medicine. While many incredible advancements have been made using stem cell therapy in recent years, there is always more work to be done and more to discover. We know that we cannot do it alone.

The objectives of the ASCI Scholarship are twofold. First, to help support the continued education of a student interested in exploring and advancing the field of stem cell research. Additionally, this scholarship aims to spread awareness about the role of stem cell research in the field of regenerative medicine.

This scholarship is an opportunity for us to play our part in inspiring the future generation of doctors, researchers, and scientists who will help us make new waves in the medical community. We know that it takes years of education to have enough information and context to tackle the problems of the future. That is why we want to offer financial support to a student who is dedicated to further exploring how stem cell research can continue to evolve and change the world.

Stem cells offer us the possibility of managing conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, and neurological disorders and promoting unparalleled healing from bone, muscle, skin, and tendon injuries. But this is only the beginning. Our team at Advanced Stem Cell Institute is always looking to be inspired by the next best thing, and that is why we want to hear from the next generation of students and thinkers. 

ASCI Scholarship Qualifications

As you consider your application to our annual ASCI Scholarship award opportunity, please make sure you meet the following qualifications:

  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older to apply and be United States citizens
  • Applicants must meet the minimum GPA requirement of 2.5 and provide documentation reflecting their current GPA (i.e., high school or college transcript)
  • Applicants must be enrolled at an accredited college, university, or community college OR be planning to attend an accredited college, university, or community college
  • Applicants must provide either proof of enrollment or a letter of acceptance from their academic institution

Applicants who meet the above qualifications are welcome to review our application steps and submit their applications according to the 2022 ASCI Scholarship  requirements and regulations.

How to Apply

In order for Advanced Stem Cell Institute to consider your application, we ask that all applicants carefully review and follow these application steps:

  • Before starting their ASCI Scholarship application, we ask all students to assess the above qualifications and confirm that they either meet or exceed them and can provide any necessary documents in their application submission
  • Along with the required qualification materials, students will be asked to write an original essay responding to the 2022 ASCI Scholarship prompt
  • All applicants must submit their enrollment or acceptance verification documents and their 2022 ASCI Scholarship essay by the deadline: December 31, 2022, at 5:00 pm PST

Before submitting their application, students should use the following checklist to make sure they’ve correctly included all necessary materials. Completed applications must include:

  • An email to with the subject line Advanced Stem Cell Institute Scholarship Application
  • The student’s full birth name and date of birth in the body of the email
  • Scholarship essay and enrollment or acceptance verification documents as email attachments

Once the application deadline has closed, we will verify each applicant’s GPA and enrollment or acceptance status and review qualified essays. Applicants can check this page for updates, as we will not be open to any messages or questions regarding the review process. Once we have selected the recipient of our 2022 ASCI Scholarship Award, applicants can expect this page to be updated with our selection and for the recipient to be contacted directly by a member of the ASCI team.

ASCI Scholarship Essay Topic and Requirements

Below is the 2022 ASCI Scholarship essay prompt:

How do you think stem cell therapy will be helping humans who have degenerative diseases or serious injuries in the next 5-10 years?

In order for an application to be considered, students must write an essay that meets the following requirements:

  • All essays must have a minimum word count of 1,200 words
  • All essays must be 100% original and written by the applicant
  • All essays must be submitted as an attached document along with a student’s enrollment or acceptance verification documents

Essays should remain focused on the prompt, specific topics, and time frame referenced.

ASCI Scholarship Regulations

For an application to be considered for the 2022 ASCI Scholarship, students must meet the following application regulations:

All Essays Will Be Reviewed for Originality 

Any attempted plagiarism or dishonesty will result in immediate disqualification for the 2022 ASCI Scholarship and any future award opportunities sponsored by ASCI.

Did Application Meet Deadline?

All applications (including essays and any necessary documentation) must be submitted before the deadline of December 31, 2022, at 5:00 pm PST. Any applications that are submitted after the application deadline will not be considered.

Any applicant who does not meet or exceed the 2022 ASCI Scholarship qualifications will not be considered for selection.

If the ASCI discovers at any time that a student no longer meets the award qualification, requirements, or regulations, ASCI reserves the right to rescind their scholarship.

ASCI Scholarship Award Determination & Acknowledgement

The determination of our 2022 ASCI Scholarship Award recipient will be based upon the following criteria:

  • The applicant’s essay is at least 1200 words
  • The applicant’s essay is 100% original
  • The applicant successfully used correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar throughout their application and essay
  • The applicant answers the prompt and maintains the continuity of their argument throughout their essay
  • The applicant successfully uses extensive and expressive vocabulary throughout their essay to make a compelling argument
  • The applicant’s argument and point of view are original and well formulated

The recipient of the 2022 ASCI Scholarship Award will be notified and announced on this page no later than January 15th, 2023. The award recipient will be contacted by a member of Advanced Stem Cell Institute to confirm their acceptance of the scholarship.

Once the scholarship award has been officially accepted, Advanced Stem Cell Institute will contact the recipient’s college, university, or community college on their behalf to notify them of the scholarship amount. We will then send a scholarship check in the amount of $1,500 to the institution’s office of financial aid within 30 days of announcing the scholarship recipient.

To congratulate our recipients, students who win the Advanced Stem Cell Institute Scholarship Award will have their name, city, and state listed on this and other pages of our website. In order to showcase their achievement, we retain the right to promote our scholarship winners on our social media sites and in newsletters and releases.

About Advanced Stem Cell Institute

Advanced Stem Cell Institute is a healthcare center specializing in providing stem cell therapy, regenerative medicine, and PRP therapy to patients in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Encino, California. 

Our clinic and stem cell therapy center offers state-of-the-art technology to help patients avoid surgery and get back to optimal health as quickly and painlessly as possible. 

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