Fight Aging with Stem Cell Therapy

Fight Aging with Stem Cell Therapy



As time passes with circumstances and environments constantly changing, our cells lose their vitality, become damaged or diseased, and eventually begin a rate of death that surpasses the rate of new cell formation. Most simply put, this is the definition of aging. It is a natural process that occurs in every living thing, but scientists and researchers have been looking for elixirs to help slow or reverse the aging process since the beginning of medicine.

Immortality has been a desire of every man for thousands of years and we may be one step closer, at least closer to living longer with the use of regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies of the future. What if we are coming up on the precipice of reversing or eliminating our cell’s death cycle, and in turn, looking and feeling younger, more vital, and energized for longer periods of time?




During the past two decades, stem cell specialists and researchers have opened the door to the future of medicine and the vast array of benefits stem cells can provide. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that have the ability to become specialized based on the location of the stem cell injection and have the ability to replace damaged cells and tissues to stimulate the body’s natural process of healing. Our bodies are truly astounding, and by researching and understanding natural regenerative/healing processes more precisely, we have the ability to work with our bodies to support and stimulate these processes rather than hinder them.

Fight Aging with Stem Cell Therapy

These cells are commonly used in medicine to help damaged tissues and cells restore themselves completely and or be replaced by the new specialized cells. Stem cell therapy Los Angeles at the Advanced Stem Cell Institute has promise in helping treat a range of illnesses including the dreaded and unavoidable process of aging. The question is, is aging truly unavoidable? Regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy may be a key factor in slowing down or even reversing the effects of aging safely and naturally.




Many complex factors influence the rate of aging such as a person’s environment, their choice of work, nutritional and dietary habits, genetics, and overall accumulation of damage and exhaustion over a lifetime. As we get older our cells lose their ability to replace and repair themselves which is where regenerative specialists see the most hope for stem cell therapy in Los Angeles at the Advanced Stem Cell Institute. Although much more research and development are needed in order to completely reverse the process of aging, patients can receive stem cell injections to rejuvenate specific areas of the skin.

Skin rejuvenation with stem cell therapy in Los Angeles uses a combination of platelet-rich plasma as well as umbilical-derived stem cell injections to help reduce the effects of aging, especially in the face. Stem cell therapy can help eliminate face-lines and wrinkles, help combat and reduce under-eye puffiness, and help even out skin tone for the appearance of more revitalized-looking skin. By definition, anti-aging is the reduction, slowing, or elimination of the aging process which is a cycle of continuous cell death.

Stem cell therapy and injections certainly can help rejuvenate skin for a more youthful look, and hopefully in the very near future may just be a necessary link in attempting to completely reverse the process of aging.

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