Colon Cancer Symptoms May Be Helped Through Stem Cell Therapy

Colon Cancer Symptoms May Be Helped Through Stem Cell Therapy

Colon cancer is becoming increasingly more common and is now the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths. This cancer can affect the colon and rectal area, eventually spreading to the blood and other organs. Stem cell therapy is being considered as a potential procedure for healing colon tissue damaged by cancer.

What is Colon Cancer?

The colon, or large intestine, is where the body draws out water and salt from solid wastes. The waste then moves through the rectum and exits the body through the anus. Colon cancer often causes no symptoms in the earliest stages. However, symptoms may become more noticeable as it progresses. These can include irregular bowel movements, blood in the stool, and unexplained weight loss.

If cancer spreads to a new location in the body, such as the liver, it can cause additional symptoms in the new area. There are several ways of assigning a stage to cancer and these stages indicate how far cancer has spread and the size of any tumors present. Stage 0 is also known as carcinoma in situ.

Colon Cancer

At this point, the cancer is at a very early stage and has not grown farther than the inner layer of the colon. This stage will usually be easy to treat. In stage 1, cancer has grown into the next layer of tissue but has not reached the lymph nodes or any other organs. Stage 2 colon cancer has reached the outer layers of the colon, but it has not spread beyond the colon. Stage 3 colon cancer has grown through the outer layers of the colon, and it has reached one to three lymph nodes.

However, it has not spread to distant sites. In stage 4, cancer has metastasized to other tissues beyond the wall of the colon. As stage 4 progresses, colon cancer reaches distant parts of the body and can cause tumors to form in other organs. Treatment will depend on the type and stage of colon cancer. A doctor will also take the age, overall health status, and other characteristics of the individual into consideration when deciding on the best treatment option. There is no single treatment for any cancer. The most common options for colon cancer are surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Treatment will aim to remove cancer, prevent its spread, and reduce any uncomfortable symptoms.

How Can Stem Cell Therapy Help Patients With Colon Cancer?

Current studies are using patient’s stem cells to fight colon cancer cells. Stem cells can be utilized to eliminate cancer cells and limit the chance they metastasize. They also can reduce inflammation in the colon and rectum, allowing the tissue to heal because of the increased blood flow, thus, having pain relief. Stem cell therapy from the Stem Cell Therapy Bay Area is a procedure available and be helpful for patients with colon cancer.

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